Eat When You Feel Sad by Zachary German

Eat When You Feel Sad is really good. It is written by Zachary German, who is young and lives in Brooklyn. It is a story about Robert, who is young and phlegmatic. I want to write about it more. I want to say something about how German's style is like Tao Lin's but different. It's even more detached, maybe? It's even more precise without being so cautiously self-aware? Whatevs. One thing that is often not noticed in Tao Lin's style is how funny it is. It's really funny. Same with Zachary German in his first book, Eat When You Feel Sad.

There might be something wrong with Robert's brain, or he might be totally fine and normal.

Highly recommended. Perhaps influential on society as a whole, or at least an important contribution to a movement that will be studied by aliens when they come to earth and try to understand earthlings (including humans and other life).